Welcome to the World Issues Project homepage.

In Social Studies, we had to do a project on a world issue that the U.N is trying to help. We had to research about our topic, and present it to the class. Our choices of ways to present were:
  • IMovie
  • PowerPoint
  • Voice thread
  • Wikispace

We were also allowed to present in any other way if we could think of any.
Our different groups for block D were:
  • Human Rights- Bea, Marissa and Craig
  • Drugs- Sekheena, Felicia and Andrea
  • Children's Rights- Emma, Leah mae and Robbie
  • Poverty- Tilly, Nadia and Lilian
  • Child Labor- Malaika, Aman and Mahera

We had 2 and a half weeks to finish this project and we cant wait to see the final product of the presentations.

The block H class has chosen different topics about the U.N.
The groups were:
  • Governance- Ankita, Thomas, Sam
  • Biodiversity- Hanna, Lara, Sawyer, Oscar
  • Education- Bryan, Haniff, Mikaela
  • Peace-Keeping- Devyani, Devon, David
  • International Law- Salahuddin, Vanessa, Haruka, Josiah

The groups for block E were:
  • AIDS- Gabriela, Kay Lynn and Josh
  • Climate Change- Michael, Maya and Nicole
  • Child Soldiers- Daryl, Huyn Ju and katie
  • Preventing Conflicts- Kevin, Saeri and Stephan
  • Refugees- Elizabeth, Pjilip and Isobel
  • Disarmament- Adam, Kas and Eiza
  • Globalization- Mei Huii, Willemijn and Nicolas